About Shell Laboratory Suite

Over 20 years of experience

With over 20 years of knowledge and development of several Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) and other medical applications, we can meet the fast growing needs of many medical businesses.

Our applications are designed to be expandable and efficient. We have practical experience meeting the requirements and regulations of a medical laboratory environment.

Michael Adriani
CEO and President

Michael Adriani is the President and CEO of Graphite Solution Systems (GSS). He has over twenty years of experience in information technology. As Vice President of IT for Genomind, he built a custom Laboratory Information System (LIS) that supported the company’s proprietary personalized medical reporting products, which reduced Turn Around Time and increased efficiency. It also set the stage for Genomind to grow by volume and introduce new product offerings, including an online drug-gene interaction tool. Prior to his employment with Genomind, Mr. Adriani held management positions at Plus Diagnostics, Bostwick Laboratories, LabCorp, and Dianon Systems, and was hired as an independent consultant for other companies, including Manhattan Labs, Aureon Laboratories, DOCRO, Inc., Vermillion Laboratories, and Covance.